The Little One: A New Haircut, Finally!

Ahem, it’s time I step in. Mummy’s blogs have been getting a bit too gloomy and pessimistic. It’s my turn for a change!

Yeah, I’ve had a haircut like 2 weeks ago, but Daddy and Mummy were dragging their feet to upload my photos. I’m getting impatient! Now, finally at my persistence they’ve uploaded the photos I want. Adults just don’t understand baby language…

Well, I still frown at my reflection in the mirror, but everyone who’s met me said I look neater and better with the new haircut. Some even said I look more like a boy now, wonder what they were thinking of. Duhhh…

Check out the before and after haircut:


Mummy said I look more listless before the haircut, quite true huh?

The trip to the hairdresser wasn’t that bad, don’t listen to Mummy ok? She complained I was restless and kept turning my head left and right throughout the cut. I was not! I was merely curious about everything and everyone. There was a baby who came for a haircut too, and Mummy was complimenting his (we all thought he’s a he, but then we were not sure) good behaviour. The baby was lying still in his mummy’s arms and allowed his hair to be cut.

I mean no offence, but how fun could it be if you just lay down quietly throughout the experience? There were so much to see! And Daddy and Mummy were so busy trying to scoop my cut hair into a Ziplock bag, it was funny. Did I mention before I have crazy parents? There you have it, evidence I’m telling the truth.

Ooh, time for me to go cos Mummy still has some things to say herself. See ya soon!


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