Aha! A Cap for The Little One

Yeah! We’ve finally found a cap for the Little One.

Not too bad huh? Although it says BeBe at the front and back as if we don’t already know it’s a cap for a baby. But we have no complaints, cos this is exactly what we’ve been looking for: baseball cap with a soft bill.

And the ironic thing is, we’ve been looking at the more upmarket places for a cap but it was by chance we went into Tom & Stephanie and found the cap! T&S sells all sorts of stuff if you know what I mean. To our surprise, it carries the widest range of what we are looking for! Granted the designs there are so babyish, with kiddo prints and gaudy colours, but there IS a range.

And by chance we found this cap, which was very economical and less babyish (except the words). And we were so thankful they only had the blue version. Imagine after all our exuberance we found there’s only pink ones. Yes, we are stereotypical parents, blue for boys and pink for gals. If only baby stuff can come in bolder colours, like fire engine red. We’d really go crazy then.

Hmm, which brings to mind the question that has been bugging me. Why are baby stuff so stereotypic in the first place? Mostly pastel and soft colours (with babyish prints and designs), seldom do we find bold and striking colours. Red, red, I want more things in red!

For the time being, the Little One would have to go around in his one and only cap.


We’re still looking for such caps, a more stylo milo cap please…


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