“Appreciation of your Services”

Depressing start to Tuesday.

Woke up very late for work in the morning because for some strange reason I’ve forgotten to set my trusty alarm clock the previous night. The alarm clock was indignant when I fumbled for it this morning, blaming me for it being unable to carry out its duty. Sorry…

Was so tired but with so much work planned for today, I had no choice but to drag myself up and rushed to work.

Then I saw some gift vouchers on my desk, and a little “Thank You” card attached to the envelope. The staff welfare thanked me for my services in the organisation and the gift vouchers were a token of appreciation. Inside the envelope: 3 $10 vouchers.

3 years in the organisation, 3 $10 vouchers. Which works out to be $10 for each year. Not a BAD deal huh?

But somehow I got depressed. I mean, I’m paid my due in the organisation, and that the vouchers were on top of my salary. But I don’t know why the goodwill gesture made me upset. As if I do not matter, and that I’m dispensable. Brushed off with $30. “Shoo, off you go, we’re not gonna miss you”

Sigh… I need my coffee…


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