Parents are supposed to provide the best care, upbringing, guidance and love for their children, aren’t they? Love is unconditional, isn’t it? Then why, why, why?

Why are there parents who, on the surface, are supportive of their children developing their careers, but stir up so much trouble that their children cannot concentrate on their careers?

Why are there parents who think the world of other children but fail to see that their children are THE precious gems who have turned out well ?

Why are there parents who keep pitting their children against other children? That whatever other children are doing or saying or choosing as careers and spouses are well better than their own children’s? What good does it do, announcing to the world they are lousy parents to begin with, if their children are really losers?

Why are there parents who are the opposite? Parents who think their children are the angels sent from heaven, and absolutely refuse and even abuse teachers and others who care enough to tell them otherwise? What good does it do, other than showing off their ignorance, and how little they know their own flock?

Why are there parents who complain about how unfair teachers are treating their children, and the way to demand justice is to confront the highest possible authority, instead of seeking the truth?

Why are there parents who are bent on destroying their children’s marriages by creating rifts and spreading untruths about their children-in-law? What good does it do, berating about their children’s “poor” choices, when they are the ones who brought up their children to choose “poorly”?

Why are there parents who feel they are sacrificing alot by helping their children with their children? Who feel that their children owe them millions and should repay them? So love is conditional huh? There is a price tag on everything?

Why are there parents who give their teenage children $1000 a month as allowance? Yeah, maybe they’re earning millions a month themselves so $1k is really a small amount. But still… at a loss of words…

Why are there parents who indulge their children to play truant in school, and even chauffeur them away, abusing security guards along the way? Parents who cover up for their children even though they are in the wrong?

Why are there parents who insist their children follow their way of life, that if the grown up children do otherwise, they are wrong and stupid? That there is only one path to go about in life, their designated path? That the only correct way to tackle situations is their way? That the only correct words and opinions are theirs?

Why are there parents who think there’s absolutely no way their children can be smarter and wiser than them? That being older, they are know-it-alls, and that their children are really stupid to think and do otherwise?

Gosh, the list can really go on and on. But I cannot. I’m exhuasted. Tired and jaded. Heartbroken that someone told me having a kid is not worth it at all. That having a kid without additional, unnecessary, unrelated-to-the-kid-directly problems is like an investment with zero returns. Having a kid with the above mentioned problems is an investment with negative returns.

I’ve only been a parent for 4 months, 2 weeks and 1 day but it feels like an eternity. Have mercy on me please…



  1. yockie

    because parents are humans and humans err? *pat pat dont be jaded.luxuriate in gekness or whatever negativity you have for awhile, then dump them in the bin (:you still have many many years ahead!
    and tho sometimes i feel my mother imposes certain expectations and as such “conditionally” provides love; i always tell myself that its because she cares.She cares enough to want to steer my life, so that iwill have good things. (maybe that’s just my excuse ehhe but oh wells :p)

    GAMBATTE! *big hug!

  2. applecow

    hey hey, don’t be so disheartened… The older generation somehow always feels the need to say something… and usually it’s bad. it’s just their nature. 😛 you’re a great mummy! don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

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