Wonderful Week and Weekend

Had a good trip to Thailand, where I did nothing but swam, sun-tanned (almost burnt, but phew! thanks to my trusty Aloe Vera gel), and went for spa treatments. All but no shopping, which was disppointing cos I had to keep finding things to do to occupy myself.

When we came home, we spent the whole weekend with the Little One. Thankfully he remembered his crazy parents.

What we noticed was his looks have changed again. You cannot keep up with the antics and changes of the Little One. Kept thinking I might have missed some of his new tricks, but treasuring whatever time we could spend with him was more important in the end.

Check out some of his new developments:


Wearing his new pyjamas bottoms on his head cos we still haven’t found him a hat. Using his napkin to cover his head. We’re reduced to improvising cos it’s infuriatingly difficult to find a decent hat for a baby boy! Argh… There are so many choices for baby gals but boys have boring and ill-fitting choices sigh. Plus we’ve our minds set on a soft probably knited kind of cap that we saw another baby wearing. BUT that aside, it’s really difficult to find a head gear for boys that young.


The Little One looks grown up huh? He’s only 4 months old but we thought his looks could pass off as an older kid. Just don’t look at the unsteady way he was sitting on the sofa at Pacific Coffee at Vivo City. Hoping he’ll be able to sit up on his own soon…



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