The Little One: Mummy’s Lousy Estimation

See the cap on my head? It’s too small! I could hardly open my eyes.

It’s Mummy. She happily went shopping on her own and chanced upon this cap from Pumpkin Patch. The salesperson told her that this cap is for babies 3-6 mths. And after inspecting the larger size available and deciding that would be too big for me, she bought this for me.

When she came home, Daddy thought it would be too small for me. But he didn’t insist Mummy bring the cap back to exchange for the bigger one. And the nagging started. Everytime Daddy commented about the cap being too small AND/OR expensive, Mummy got agitated and thought Daddy was critisising her. Although Daddy denied, Mummy still felt he was blaming her for her lousy judgement.

Anyway, Daddy and Mummy have since given the cap away. To a newborn who surely can fit into the cap. Honestly, I didn’t really like that cap and kept trying to get it off my head. But it was too tight for my tiny fingers to yank it off. And I overheard Daddy and Mummy saying that I didn’t look good in that cap.

I agree with them! I’m still a Beanie boy! Is it really that difficult to get a decent headgear for a boy? This world is starting to look unfair in my eyes…


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