I’m Such a Lousy Friend

I forgot my good friend’s birthday. Call myself her friend indeed. A million apologies Applecow! Hope you’re feeling better inside and out now. Feel consoled by the fact that you have so many other friends who’ve weathered it out with you and celebrated your B-day.

Dunno what’s come over me nowadays. My insomnia is back. My memory is failing. I’m running back and forth to visit the Little One, work is piling up even though I’m not staying for long, and the meagre housework gets me down.

So many thoughts run through my mind, yet I’ve no recollection of them. Argh, I’m even made to feel guilty on the rare occasion I went to pamper myself. Accused of spending money more like, and the surprise I planned for Hubby was a flop and he wasn’t even talking to me this morning on the way to work.

And most importantly, I managed to forget Applecow’s birthday. No wonder I have so few friends…


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