Huh? A Beauty Specialist?

Was shopping around the eastern part of the island yesterday when I chanced upon a row of beauty and slimming centres offering all sorts of treatments.

Thinking that my weathered external shell was probably in need of some pampering, I chose a certain MC beauty and slimming centre because the external decor looked promising.

When I entered the salon, there was a lady whom I assumed was the receptionist seated at the reception counter. She was busy using liquid paper on a huge stack of papers when she looked up and asked “Yes?”

So I asked to confirm if they offer body waxing services as printed in large fonts on their glass door.

Perhaps she wasn’t the receptionist afterall cos she immediately shouted to a therapist to call for another lady to answer my seemingly simple question. Then she asked me to wait while she carried on with her work.

Not long after, a lady of sizable proportions and heavy make-up appeared from an unseen door. I repeated my question to her and I was drawn to her mouth thereafter.

She was chewing on what looked like dried preserved dates with her mouth open and I could see her teeth chomping on the brown and chewy seed coat. She replied me without stopping her chewing that they did not offer the service printed on the glass door but something else that wasn’t printed.

I promptly walked out of that beauty salon after saying my polite thanks, having decided to leave even if they did offer that service or any other.

Call themselves a beauty salon indeed… bleurgh…


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