The Little One: Bread Smells Good!

Heh, Daddy and Mummy visited me yesterday evening, and I made them exhuasted. Hahaha!

They carried, consoled and cuddled me way past their dinner time, but I enjoyed spending time with them around. Could hear Mummy’s tummy rumbling like thunder, hee hee hee.

They let me sit on the dining table and I was fascinated with the loaf of bread sitting prettily like me (hey Mummy! What was the snort for?) on the opposite end of the table. Aren’t adults a little dense? I had been staring at the bread for a couple of minutes when they realised that I want to make aquintance with it.

So they brought Mr Bread to me and I grabbed his sides as my way of saying hello. After pinching Mr Bread for some time, Daddy opened Mr Bread’s head and brought him to my nose. Ooh, I must say Mr Bread smelt really good!

Mr Bread smelt so good that I started to drool excessively almost immediately. I wanted to smell some more! Daddy said I cannot eat Mr Bread for a long time, that I can only stick to my nan nan for now. What a disappointment…


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