I Miss the Little One

Getting more and more exhausted from work as the weeks drag by.

Weekends are not made easier cos the Little One is growing up and he’s getting more and more attached to his paternal grandparents.

Fridays are always a struggle for us when we bring the Little One home to stay. He’ll throw tantrums and scream his head off all the way home and carry on when home. Last Friday was the worst so far. The Little One refused to be pacified and brawled his eyes out.

Eventually he was tired out and nodded off in Daddy’s arms. By then, our nerves had been frayed by him. Because of the change in environment, the Little One could not sleep properly through the night, which translated to his Daddy and Mummy not being able to sleep well too.

Come Saturday, he had grown used to his home and us, so his mood improved. He still could not sleep well in the night but it was better. Lucky for his maternal grandmother, we could take a slight breather when he visited her. By then, however, his Daddy and Mummy were already dreaming about slapping on medicated plasters to ease our sore and tired muscles. And Daddy was popping painkillers for his headache.

Sundays are always the best. By this day, the Little One has managed to recognise us and his mood is always the sunniest (duhh!). We’d bring him out of the house to either shopping malls or parks.

Dread Sunday evening. That’s when the Little One goes back to his paternal grandparents’ house for the weekdays. I’ll miss him so badly and then can’t wait for Friday again to bring him home.

By Sunday, the Little One usually looks like this:


Or this:


Which is a far cry from his grumpy and tantrumy self on Fridays.

Which makes the letting go all the more difficult and heartbreaking…



  1. Abby

    I also stayed with my grandma until I was about 5 years’ old. I only went home on weekends and goodness knows how much grief I caused them whenever I went home. I have pretty vivid memories of this one time I cried and refused to sleep and wanted to go back to my grandma’s place. I feel so bad when I think about it now, I must have broken their hearts.

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