Tumultuous Week

Okay, so what I’m a drama queen and I exagerated the extent of the turmoil?

My handphone is always by my side nowadays, except when I’m asleep at night. Ever since I’ve vainly changed my handphone to a new one, I haven’t been able to hear the vibrations when on Silent Mode, nor the melodies when it’s ringing.

Either it’s further proof I’m getting old and hard of hearing, or I’m too old to be carrying this handphone, which was obviously designed for youngsters with better sensitivity (for the vibrations) or hearing (for the maximum-yet-not-loud-enough ringing).

Never had I been so anxious and worried whether the battery of the phone will last. All because it’s time for a change in my life. The working-to-afford diapers and formula milk part of my life to be exact, since the rest of my life has already changed because of the Little One. And as much as I hate to admit, I’m really getting old. At least I feel old, and Hubby never makes it easier as he’s always saying I look my age. Well lucky Hubby, who always manages to look younger than his actual age.

Bimbotic alien digressing again (what’s new?). Whatever change that’s about to take place (I really hope it’ll take place), it’s not for the monetary better. Which means the Little One will never be caught wearing super branded diapers, nor be seen in state-of-the-art vroom vrooms so many babies are being proudly pushed around in nowadays.

I only hope it’ll be for improved sanity, and career progression…


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