The Little One’s New Antic

Check out my new stunt that nearly scared Mummy and PoPo to death last Sat!

It was not much of a challenge, having learnt to flip from my left side onto my tummy. And Daddy and Mummy thought the sleep positioner was gonna stop me from flipping. Ha! They were wrong!

Here’s how I did it: first, struggle in my sleep to flip onto my left. Second, wait till Mummy had fallen asleep again after countless checks on me. Third, next thing Mummy knew when she opened her sleepy eyes again, taa daa! I’m sleeping prone, with my right arm draped over my sleep positioner.

Mummy lost sleep, and woke Daddy up to decide to let me be, or flip me over onto my side again. In the end, instead of staying up to watch over me and make sure I was safe, Daddy carried me up and settled me onto my right side, where I haven’t learnt to flip over that well yet.

All the fun ended…


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