The Bimbotic Alien Strikes Again!

Beware of the bimbotic alien! She’s at it again!

The bimbotic alien has been feeling gastrointestinal discomfort the entire day. Visited the toilet several times, but they were all false alarms.

When she told her colleague about it, the colleague offered Chinese medicine for relieving the stomach pains. So the bimbotic alien happily opened the bottle and swallowed all the pills at one go and gulped a big mouthful of water to send all those little miracle pills down to her naughty stomach to work their magic.

While she prepared to swallow those pills and water down, she chanced upon the expiry date printed in relatively large print on the tiny bottle.

What she saw shocked her into swallowing all the pills and water down into her stomach. Before her mushy brain could tell her that she should be spitting everything out instead. The expiry date: Mar 2007, a whole 4 months over!

 Now the bimbotic alien is waiting to see when the time bomb will be set off… still waiting…


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