Screw Ups

Have been screwing up in front of my potential future employers recently, so frustrated and angry with myself.

Biggest screw up had to be the telephone interview with the Big E agency yesterday. Was caught off guard and being the papaya, agreed to take that call instead of dictating another time of convenience (and composure) for myself. Ended up stammering and answering jibberish with a brain full of mush. The other person must have thought she called a bimbotic alien…

Then I found out I’ve been passed over to another department in one of the companies I applied for, and though it meant I have another chance at an interview, I felt like I was being thrown around.

Today’s score: another unfruitful meeting with my potential future (now no more future to speak) employer. Felt depressed after the meeting, and frustrated at this game of job hunting. Been shooting lots of blanks, getting a bit tired and dejected.

Sigh, gotta do what I have to do right? Press on… Yeah…


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