And I Go Round and Round and Round…


It’s the Little One in the House yo!

Hi hi! I’m pretty excited today cos I have an exciting piece of news for you!

I can officially flip over to my tummy on my own now! And there’s no stopping me bwahahaha!

It was kinda difficult at first cos my left hand was always in the way of my attempts to flip over. Now I figured it out: I’m supposed to flip over, then quickly pull my left hand out from under my body to support my upper body! Cool!

Now I understood what Daddy was saying all the time, something about getting the left hand out of the way. Couldn’t get him then, dunno what he was mumbling about.

Now I love being on my tummy and simultaneously lifting my legs off the mattress so that I’m resting on my tummy, like Superman when he was young I guess.

There’s no stopping me now that I’ve mastered the art of flipping over. Once I start, I realise I cannot stop. What I’m enjoying now is to go from my back, to my tummy, to my back again.

Can you adults get me a bigger mattress please? Hitting the hard floor while I’m practising isn’t exactly fun okay. And can you people not stop me from my rolling? It’s irritating to get plucked off in the middle of my stunts you know.

AND what is it about stopping me with my sleep positioner? Get it off me please…


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