Meaning of Life?

Life has become more complicated and tough ever since the Little One arrived.

Of course! You might think, having a baby is never easy, but it completes your life blah blah blah…

It’s much more than that. I love the life I have contributed in creating, but I hate my own life now. I feel trapped, having no choice in making choices.

I don’t fancy vegetables, but I have to have them so that I can continue to function properly. I would very much like to go without veggies if I can choose, but without veggies, I’ll have problems.

I love caffeine, be it coffee, or chocolates, or cola and I cannot do without them. But I have to give them up, because if I don’t, I’ll have problems.

IRONIC. I don’t want my needs, but I can’t need my wants… Life sucks at this moment.  Happiness and sorrow, love and hate, all magnified…


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