Back to Earning My Keep

Argh, why does time fly everytime I don’t have to work?

Today is my first day back at work since the start of motherhood. Feeling a little lost as colleagues are rushing around with their work but I’m like huh? What the?

After such a long break I feel I no longer have any connection with my work, as if it’s some other person’s business and I’m just looking in the display window and seeing this person who’s supposed to be me but isn’t exactly me.

Not sure if I like this detachment, because everything has been operating without my presence for so long that I now feel more of an intruder into an established system. Like a hacker just that this hacker doesn’t know what’s going on.

Which should make it easier to treat the job as a means to an end right? To spend the waking hours earning my keep and then at the end of the work day look forward to seeing the Little One again.

How sad can my career be…


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