Yikes! A Smelly Bomb!

“Goo, emm, ooh, ooh, emm!” Translated: Hello uncles and aunties! This is Matt in the house yo!

I played a big prank on Mummy and PoPo this morning you know. I thought it was fun but apparently they didn’t think so…

It started with the urge to poop once I woke up. Mummy brought me to the toilet bowl and attempted to let me poop. But you know, first thing when you wake up in the morning, you’ll want to talk, don’t you?

So I talked to Mummy and told her about my dreams last night. All the time I was bottom naked and hovering over the toilet bowl, not my ideal place to be chatting you know, but who cares right? When you wanna talk, you have to talk, regardless where you are.

Anyway, I was preoccupied with my chatting and forgot that I needed to poop. So when Mummy lowered me into my bath tub, thinking I wasn’t gonna poop, I had the urge again.

And you know Mummy talks alot to me when bathing me, and she is very focused and concentrates too hard I must say. She must have missed the fact that I wasn’t kicking the water as usual.

Anyway, while she was concentrating on wiping the shampoo off my head, I secretly let go in the bath tub. Woo hoo, I just couldn’t hold it any longer you know. But I was sitting on the bath tub, hence the poop didn’t come out right you know what I mean?

While I was enjoying the release, I heard Mummy shriek cos she’s finally notice my poop floating in the water. Sigh, why are adults so slow to react?

In the end, I was made to hover above the toilet bowl again to finish off my business. What a bother!

Well, at least I got a second bath, which I enjoyed very much.  🙂


One comment

  1. applecow

    Hi Matty! It’s quite fun to do it in the water isn’t it? I did it during my recent trip to Sabah. It was quite fun a huge release. You should encourage your mum to try it sometime too!

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