GSS and the Damage Done

It’s amazing how motherhood has changed my perspective of shopping.

No longer do I look at stuff for my age (or so I like to believe). I rush to the kids’ section of department stores the moment I step inside. Browsing through tonnes of items for the Little One brings me great joy (and much delight to the businesses who prey on, I mean, cater to the love of mothers for their offsprings)

And hence the damage is done. I’ve chocked up “massive” credit card bills (well, I’m really not a spendthrift, I swear!) in the month that past where I’ve momentarily neglected my blog because I was out somewhere “window shopping”.

Due to my poor memory which is expected of post-natal women as I’ve been told, I simply could not remember what I’ve put my signatures down for. But I’d like to believe that some, if not most, of the expenditure had gone to stuff for the Little One.

Shopping for the Little One is a great experience. You have one hundred and one choices for a single item, such as a teether. In 3 days, I’ve come across millions of teethers, and hence in 3 days I bought 3 different teethers, one cuter than the previous.

Yes, yes, you may exclaim, why would the Little One need that many teethers when at any one time he can only stuff one in his mouth? Variety is the way of life, not forgeting the vanity and child-at-heart in the mother.

Clothes are another killer. So many brands and designs and patterns and prices you could go crazy over them. Which I almost did, but my discerning eyes and fear of Hubby’s nagging kept me sane.

All in all, it’s been a killer but eye-opening month for me. Time to take a breather from shopping for the Little One.

Hmm, now, what mobile phone should I buy? Choices, choices, choices…


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