The Final Countdown – Happenings

It’s no good. I still cannot sleep at night, and end up feeling tired the whole day.

After days of carrying my Little One and lack of rested sleep, my muscles are all crying out in distress. I ache all over. I’m developing stiff shoulders and a headache.

Funny, 2 weeks ago I could hardly wait for the Day to arrive where I can finally bathe as normal again. And drink plain water which I sorely miss after drinking longan and red dates tea for an entire month.

Now, I feel… emptiness. I’m not excited I’m regaining my freedom. Not estatic nor rubbing my hands in glee for the Day, which is tomorrow. I just feel… tired. Exhuasted. A heavy burden on my shoulders.

All I wish for is to fall asleep everytime my head touches the pillow. Without delays. No  thoughts that creep into my mind everytime I close my eyes, I wonder where the hell they come from. No funny dreams either.

I’m not even thinking of all the foods I can eat. I simply do not have the craving for food anymore. Maybe I used up all the cravings during my pregnancy you may say, but hey ask Hubby I was one good preggy wife okay? He never had to wake up in the middle of the night to buy anything to satisfy my cravings. Nor in the day either.

Yup, I’m off foods for the time being. I’m just eating because I have to, not because I want to.

Perhaps anyone who can cure my insomnia can eventually whet my appetite too. Still waiting…


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