2 More Weeks to Go

To my partial freedom. To bathe as normal again. To taste plain water again. To stop eating my most hated food, ginger. To go out of the house again.

But some foods are still prohibited for a full 100 days, such as my beloved seafood. Maybe it’s all old wives’ tales, but I guess I’d rather be a good daughter to my mum and avoid all than be a rebellious one. More to endure. But foods are alright, the urge to eat or frustration at not being to eat is not that great yet.

What really drives me up the wall is not being able to bathe and wash my hair for days at hand. When my confinement is up, I think I’ll use up one month’s worth of shampoo and shower foam to make up for staring at them every day and not being allowed to use them. Think if I were allowed to bathe every day, the confinement period would be alot easier to live with.

My emotions have gone for another roller coaster ride again. Pre- and post- pregnancy. Never ending. Even Hubby is finding it hard to live with me. Seeing his tired and worn out look every morning is some indication, even though he doesn’t say it.

Really admire those mummies who willingly go through the entire cycle again and again. For me right now and in the near future, one Little One is enough.


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