Worries and Scares

The Little One gave us a mighty scare on Saturday evening.

He mimicked the Merlion and threw up his milk while MIL was feeding him. That was the second incident in the day and the third in 2 days.

Everyone was shocked and when MIL announced that’s it he needs to see a doctor immediately, Hubby bolted into action, calling up his paed and the 24 hour clinic.

Me? I burst into tears. Sitting at the sofa and witnessing the puking so close up was something I couldn’t bear. I felt my heart break into a million pieces and it was so heartwrenching to see such a small, fragile baby throw up milk.

I couldn’t manage anything else more useful, because I’m still weak from the surgery and confinement and everyone was so sweet to me. Hubby came over to give me a hug for reassurance before whisking the Little One off to the doctor.

What a relief to hear that the Little One was fine! When Hubby came back, he shared with me his worry too. His heart broke when he saw the Little One throw up, just as how I felt. We decided we weren’t so worried for each other when we threw up ourselves!

Later that night when Hubby and the Little One came back from the doctor, I witnessed something super heartwarming and sweet. The Little One was lying on the playmat dozing and Hubby had his arms around him protectively and resting as well.

Ocassionally, Hubby will open his eyes and the look on his face when he stared at his son was so tender and full of love. The image was imprinted into my mind and I never knew the great intensity of the love of the father for his son until that moment.

I felt like crying again then, but I held back, because this time it was love I saw, so plain and simple, yet powerful at the same time. What a great difference this one week in our lives can make!

Now I know how it feels to become a mother. And a father. A lifetime of worries, heartaches and scares. And of course love and fun and joy…



  1. cherryteq

    Yeah, he’s better but we’re all worried whenever he drinks. Apparently it’s quite normal and common for babies to vomit milk, provided they are behaving like nothing happened after that.

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