Welcome to the World, Baby Matthew!

Pregnancy is finally over… Now’s the start of motherhood which until now I’m not much of a mother yet.

Birth of the Little One was really tough. After enduring excrutiating pain for ten hours (the inducing drug was really a killer), the gynae determined that my cervix was never gonna be dilated enough to let the Little One out. We opted for C-section in the end, by then I was delirious with pain and just wanted to get him out. If only we had known, we’d just spend half an hour on the delivery through C-section instead, argh…

All my initial worries about the Little One were gone the moment I set my groggy eyes on him. Matthew is an angel! And he has lots of hair on his head! Cool…

Now back home struggling to walk normally but the more serious problem now are my engorged breasts which are hard as rocks but super painful… need help soon… sob…


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