Counting Down to Launch

All too soon (or not), I’ll be saying goodbye to pregnancy and welcome to motherhood, in a matter of days (I hope).

It’s been 33 long weeks since the knowledge of the existence of the Little One in me. So much has changed since then, especially my weight gain! Nah, seri0usly I meant my mentality and the experiences throughout the pregnancy. A roller coaster ride experience exclusive to women. Men don’t get close to understanding… (or is it just Hubby?)

Prior to the knowledge of my pregnancy, I actually fell down after an extremely exhausting day at work. I packed dinner at a nearby coffeshop, and while carrying my heavy bag and my dinner, I somehow missed a step up and the next thing I knew, I was on my knees on the floor, with my dinner strewn a foot away. Lucky only my dinner got thrown away from me during that incident and not any other more precious stuff…

Next came the peeing on the all-important stick, which I planned and waited until the morning on 4th of Sept. I read the instructions twice, got ready a cup and stopwatch because I wanted to make sure I was absolutely precise in my actions and timing (call me anal if you like, but 1 stick ain’t cheap okay…). In the end, I guess I was too precise for the instrument cos the unmistakable result was clear for all to see.

Then came the spotting even before I was due for the first appointment to the doctor to confirm my pregnancy at 6 weeks. I freaked out, but was so relieved to see the tiny sparkling star nestled safely in me.

Can’t remember exactly now but think it was in week 8 that Hubby and I saw the Little One waving at us through the ultrasound scan. Cool! We thought, so sweet…

During the 12 week detailed scan, I saw for myself the kind of fun the Little One was having inside me. Instead of staying still for the radiologist to take the necessary measurements, which she commented was the norm, the Little One was launching himself off the walls of his watery palace, and doing somersaults. Quite amusing to watch, but his poor mummy had to leave the room and wait some 15 minutes before lying back down again to see if he’d cooperate the second time. Which he grungingly did I guess, cos I had to lie on 1 side then the next until the radiologist could finally get some measurements.

Urgh, then gastric flu struck me. For 3 days I was knocked out, vomiting and running a temperature like never before in my entire life. While I was in the good hands of my capable Mummy and gradully nursed back to health, I was worried sick for my Little One.

At 18 weeks was the first time the Little One made his presence felt by moving hard enough inside me to feel him through my stomach. While people subsequently described the sensation as fluttering butterflies, I was going around telling them that I’ve a boxer inside me.  

I was so relieved after the 20 week detailed scan that I broke down and cried uncontrollably. And the Little One was officially a he, though we still prefered to call him Baby Ang.

Well, it was rather uneventful after that. Just that I’d say the boxer inside is actually rather apt at kicking as well. Very hard. And Hubby shared the experience of feeling the Little One move through his side and heel kicks, and butt wriggling.

A story read to the Little One almost every night. And some classical music which put his parents to sleep first. And futile attempts at singing songs to him, cos I could imagine him wincing inside to my out-of-tune and croaking voice.

His hiccups were getting rather uncomfortable for me, for they lasted long and continuous, like someone boxing me from inside at a steady rate.

A glimpse of the Little One’s other characteristic at week 32, when he yawned no less than 5 times in the short time the gynae did the ultrasound, showed us his tongue, and greedily put his fingers into his mouth to suck.

Nowadays, the Little One’s head is too low into my pelvis for us to see his antics. And his space is getting too cramped. Though uncomfortable and painful, I’m enjoying his kicks and squirms and wriggles and I like to think he is enjoying himself too.

Last few days to his supposed launch date, but still no signs of the Little One wanting to say hi from the outside. Well, I’d just have to let him decide for himself when he wants to meet us…

We’re all ready and waiting for you, sweet heart… Well though Mummy is real nervous and have been having dreams about your birth and upbringing. But nevertheless see you soon…


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