A Tribute to Mummies!

Predicting I’ll most likely be tearing my hair out trying to be a new mother during Mothers’ Day this year, I’d like to dedicate this to the only mummy dearest in my life…

Mummy and I have always been close since I was young. Being talkative and nosy helped me share everything (well, almost everything) under the sun with Mummy, even till today, when I’m on the road of becoming a mother soon (in a matter of days to be exact).

It’s only when I’ve gotten pregnant that I thought Mummy and I grew even closer, and I truly appreciate the meaning of unconditional love.

Imagine, a big grown up like me, still being pampered by Mummy. Massages when the aches kick in, drinks and food prepared especially for me because of my ‘delicate’ condition, hugs, company and reassurances when needed… I can’t even list down everything Mummy has done for me through the years, especially these few months.

And it’s only now when Mummy related the experiences she went through when she was carrying me decades ago did they strike a chord in my heart. Back then, she was all alone, without  her mummy caring as she cared for me. She went for checkups alone (I always have company save for 1 occasion), and even gave birth to me without loved ones by her side.

And the years of bringing me and later my sister up… sigh… I think I’ll never begin to take the hardships she went through if they were to happen to me now.

Thank you so very much, Mummy! And may I and the Little One soon continue to bring joy to your life 🙂

Happy Mothers’ Day!


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