Been Busy With…

The Little One’s ClothesThis. And his cloth nappies. And his towels. Three days of washing and hanging and folding…

That’s about what I’ve been busy with ever since I’ve started my maternity leave. Yippie! The joy of staying at home and not thinking much about work, except the occassional dream about my clients and work.

Though I feel like a housewife (well, not in the true sense since I don’t do anything else), at least I feel a sense of purpose in all the washing and shopping for the Little One’s stuff.

Now waiting patiently (sometimes not too patiently) for the Little One’s arrival. A bit unnerving to not know what’s going to happen next, when will he pop, what will I be doing… Guess I’m like a walking time bomb now, not knowing what to expect next.

Wish I’ll have the time to trim my hair really short (given the unbearable humid and hot weather), do some more shopping for the Little One, eat all the seafood and beef I can before my confinement starts when the Little One’s here…


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