Satisfying Meals

Ooh the healing power of good food!

Hubby and I decided to splurge and indulge ourselves on Sunday. We went to try out Globetrotters at United Square for lunch (had Western food) before shopping around for our Little One’s stuff (again again!). Rather satisfying, given that we’ve been scrimping and busy shopping for the Little One instead of focusing on ourselves.

Then come evening, we’ve decided to go to Jurong Point to check out the price of a fan for Little One’s room when I suddenly had a craving for Billy Bomber’s chocolate malt. So Hubby gladly indulged me and I had a fulfiling Surf & Turf (fried fish and beef combo) plus my beloved malt. Hubby was so surprised I polished off the food and the malt drink. It wasn’t alot, was it?

After that dinner, Hubby announced that he has had enough of Western food for a while. Poor Hubby!

So yesterday, to cheer both of us up because he was exhausted from work and I wasn’t feeling well, Hubby drove both of us to New Garo Japanese restaurant at Chun Tin Road.

We were unlucky because we were starving yet there were traffic jams everywhere. But it was an enjoyable ride cos we had the chance to catch up on mainly my day and to talk to our Little One and enjoy each other’s company.

So I had Tempura with Cha Soba while Hubby ordered a combo set plus extra sashimi to pamper ourselves. Hubby was apologetic cos I love sashimi but I couldn’t eat for 8 and half months ever since I’m carrying the Little One.

But I didn’t mind at all cos I derived all the pleasure from watching Hubby eat my share. I even told him to savour each morsel cos I then imagined I was eating them too. Yummy…

A few more months to go, and all seafood and raw fish beware! Sashimi buffets here I come!


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