Toys for the Little One

First of Little One’s ToysSpent an exhuasting Saturday visting the Doc and shopping for my precious little one.

Well, Takashimaya is having a Baby Fair/Sale so we joined the throngs of people who were eager to get some deals at the sale.

There were so many preggy women, prams of all brands and sizes, and children swarming the place. I was threading my way with difficulty around the place, as pram drivers and un-preggy people do not see where they were going, and definitely would not notice a heavily preggy woman with all the sale items to distract them.

Nothing much to buy at Taka, just a couple of bottles, tongs and bath mat etc. So we decided to drop by Robinson’s to see if we could get our hands on NUK bottles which were in our shopping list.

It was much better shopping there, as there were not many people, although there was a sale on the children’s items (no longer know if there’re sale other than baby’s stuff).

We got our NUK bottles, which I thought were more attractive than the other brands, but then I’m a sucker for cute stuff so whatever. Then we saw all the toys everywhere and decided maybe it’s time to get our precious one some starter toys so that the adults could entertain ourselves cooing over the cute toys.

I was in high spirits to shop for toys, as I’ve always been a child at heart and love toys, especially soft toys. My eye chanced on this orange and red crab and I sort of fell in love with it. (Well, those who know me will know that crabs and I go way back and I love them; not to eat them though) Anyway, the crab looked so happy and though it’s anatomically wrong (not everyone can get it that crabs are decapods, and hence have 10 legs), I decided to buy it.

Soon after, I saw the red, black and white caterpillar which has different textured cloths on his warped body with a sqeak at his tail and a rattle in his head, so we decided to get it too.

Wanted to get this bunny with a rattle in his body from Mamas and Papas too but he’s an expensive one. S$50! Plus Hubby thought the bunny looked a bit too feminine so decided against it.

On Sunday, we went to IKEA hoping to see if any children’s items was on sale to grab. Disappointingly, we did not get any deals on that. But we saw the finger puppets and thought it might be entertaining for us to play with the Little One so we decided to buy them too.

After all the shopping, I realised what all parents realised eons ago. That as parents, our needs become secondary, and children always come first. We could scrimp and save on our needs but we would not hesitate to get our Little One his wants, like his toys. Though the toys we got were not top end, we did it without giving much thought to the price. If it had been stuff for ourselves, much more calculation and weighing of costs and benefits would have gone in.

Guess that’s the sign of parenthood for us, and a shift of focus in our lives…


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