And I Can Talk and Talk and Talk and Talk…

Hahaha… Life always has a funny way of demonstrating the opposite of one’s perception, so that one is always kept on his/her toes. It was only yesterday that I mentioned about my inability to talk to my precious baby anything and everything under the sun, unlike Hubby.

Well, this morning, in the privacy of my car, I talked and talked to him almost all the way to work! Well, given that the journey to work only took about 12 minutes in light morning traffic conditions, it was still quite a feat to be able to sustain a monologue for that long.

Realised it wasn’t that difficult to talk to him, just reporting of daily activities. Very soon, one thing led to another and I realised what a chatterbox I could be.

Well, in today’s society, with the introduction to hands-free handphones, my ‘weird’ behaviour of talking to myself is not considered that weird anymore. Well, people conversing to another over the handphone with a small ear piece also look like they are talking to themselves, right?

I’m definitely not talking to myself, I’m talking to my son okay… Then again, as if people care who I do…


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