Of Little Elbows and Knees

Yesterday started on a bad note.

Colleagues pissed me off, the Internet was slow and I could not get much work done. Add to the fact that a mini project I was doing (which I thought I had put in much effort and was rather confident of my ability) was shot down when Hubby vetted through it. Felt depressed after that lousy projectbecause it made me feel useless. Also that I’ve not learnt anything from the job I’m currently in, that I’ve wasted my years in a job which cannot teach me the skills needed for the real working world.

And my baby was on berserker mode yesterday. Throughout the day he was very restless and was either tossing and turning, stretching his arms and legs, punching and kicking, or head banging.

I was taken aback why it seemed like his level of activity could increase ten-fold in a day. And honestly, I was a little upset and angry at him because he made me super uncomfortable. It also hurt quite a bit when he stretched his limbs, making elbow and knee impressions on my belly.

The whole day was a torture for me, and colleagues pissing me off didn’t help matters. Until Hubby talked sense into me last night, I was still upset. I felt like a child who didn’t understand the works of the world, and needed Hubby to explain things to me.

Only after his pep talk that my eyes opened to the wonders of my active baby. Guess I was blinded by the unhappiness of the day to appreciate the wonderful movements of my precious baby.

So I talked to him on the way to work this morning, apologising for having negative thoughts about his movements. Well I’d like to think he understood me and responded by kicking me… But realised I’m not like Hubby, who could talk to the baby about anything and everything under the sun. For me, words don’t come that easily, but I think with more practice, I’ll get the hang of talking ‘nonsense’.

Looking forward to more of his movements today. But right now, ouch…


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