Pissed Off

That’s how I felt on occasions last Saturday.

One of the downs about being pregnant is that hormones go off the chart, making one a happy bunny one moment, then a sobbing mess the next, and a rage monster emerges seconds later.

And I’m very, very sensitive about my weight. Having cravings for beef and worse till, ice-cream do not help matters, okay. After having deviated from normal weight gain some 2 months ago, I’ve almost totally cut off ice-cream from my diet. But that doesn’t make me happier alright. I feel deprived. Luckily I have the sense to continue eating beef, though the things we are deprived of always hurt more.

Still, I’m putting on weight. And seeing our friends’ wives looking so skinny and fatless do not help at all.

Well, no doubt I was the biggest-sized wife before being pregnant to begin with. But I was really pissed off during dinner with our friends. We had Peranakan food which was rather yummy, and I left half my rice untouched because I knew I’d attack desert after the meal.

Seeing the price of the deserts on the menu, I knew that it would be a rather small serving, so I confidently ordered a bowl of Pulut Hitam with less coconut milk for myself. Which, in my opinion, if you compared it to Chendol which the rest ordered, was a healthier choice.

The issue came when they made fun of me eating alot, just for ordering the damned bowl of Pulut Hitam for myself! You see, the rest of them chose to share a bowl of Chendol between each couple, while I had a bowl to myself.

Please, can’t you open your eyes and see that I left half my rice untouched while the rest of you finished the whole plate of rice? What’s wrong with having a whole bowl of delicious desert on my own? Aren’t I entitled to some small happiness?

Sob… so what I’m fat? I just happen to love desert more than rice what…



  1. applecow

    Aiyo nevermind lah. If these are the girls I think you are talking about, they’re so skinny they look like they deprive their miserable selves of food often just for looks. Happiness is more important than looks. Don’t be so affected by what they say lah. If you know yourself that you’re already eating reasonably (like eating less rice and having more dessert) then who cares what they say?

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