Another Weird Dream

Argh! Haven’t been sleeping well again. It must be work, cos during the Chinese New Year holidays I was getting sufficient rest.

 The night before I had a weird dream again, which left me awake most of the night trying to figure out who the handsome man who professed his love for me in the dream was. I was napping then waking up to think and remember who that man was, then napping again the entire night, while checking on the time.

In the weird dream, my sis, that handsome man, and I were travelling on a motorcycle (I did warn you it was a weird dream, since when can a motocycle sit 3 persons comfortably?). The motorcycle rounded a sharp bend and could not brake in time and both the man and my sis were tumbling into the river below, except me.

Being the heroine, like in Spiderman 1 the movie, I grabbed their arms, one in each arm, to stop them from falling. Can’t remember if I was pregnant or not. Anyway, I could not hold on to both of them any longer, so I decided to let my sis go. (So sorry sis, it was in the dream…). Anyway, it was not a long drop to the bottom, and I saw that the side sis was on had some steps. Sounding more and more like a drain rather than a river…

Back to the handsome man. After pulling him up to safety with all my might, he hugged me from behind and professed his undying love for me. Don’t think it was purely because I saved his ass from becoming wet, but it seemed like in the dream we were dating with my sis as the chaperone or something.

Here came the tricky part. I woke up from the dream trying to remember how this handsome man looked like. Was I in love with another man? So I closed my eyes and tried to recall the entire dream plus the looks of the man.

I spent the entire night waking and recalling until it was time for me to get up for work. Then I confidently concluded that the handsome man who was so in love with me and I him was actually my Hubby. Phew, boy was relieved it was not any other man!

Yesterday night was a dreamless one I think. But I kept waking up and sleeping and worrying if it’s time for me to go to work already.

Sigh, think I really need a break, to sleep without any worries…


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