Weird Behaviour

I seem to be behaving weirdly whilst sleeping at night this week. Wonder what is going on…

The first incident happened when I dreamt that Hubby requested for the bolster from me. Well, it is Hubby’s bolster actually, but he gave it up for me since I feel more comfortable hugging one to sleep.

So I dreamt Hubby asked for the bolster, and I gave it to him. The next thing I knew, I was awake and really handing the bolster to Hubby! He was jolted awake too and wondered what was going on.

The second incident happened 2 nights ago. I awoke to see my left hand in a claw-like stance and Hubby was rudely awoken and in shock. I imagined I must have grabbed his bottom, and I was so embarrassed! I immediately apologised to Hubby and promptly fell asleep again.

When I apologised to him the following evening and asked what happened, Hubby said I did not grab his bottom but was actually tickling him! He was so shocked that he could not fall asleep after that, whereas I slept like a hog. He was cursing and swearing at my snoring form without my gaining consciousness.

Yesterday night, to prevent rude wakenings again, he put a pillow between us, so that he could be some distance away from the mad wife. I, on the other hand, made sure my hands were wrapped securely in my blanket. And it was my turn to keep waking up to make sure I wasn’t disturbing Hubby in any way.

Poor Hubby! Having to content with a weird, heavily preggy wife… I hope I do not start sleepwalking soon…


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