Valentine’s Day Surprise

V-Day FlowersReceived a pleasant surprise yesterday, which happened to be Valentine’s Day. The day where prices of flowers and gifts soar galaxy-high, to milk people of their hard-earned money, just to please the special person(s) in their lives.

At lunch time, my colleagues and I decided to pamper ourselves by having a reunion style steamboat lunch at a faraway place. It was only on our way there and Hubby called that I realised the place we were going was exactly where Hubby works! (Heard preggy women have short term amnesia, must be it…)

Then, just as I plonked my big butt on the seat at the steamboat restaurant, Hubby appeared with a bunch of flowers for me, much to the envy of my colleagues who were stunned into inaction.

Everyone, including me, was gaping at the flowers, not that it was an exceptionally huge bunch, but that Hubby would actually surprise me like that. I was soon blushing with the amount of attention showered on me, but secretly so happy… Thanks Hubby for making my day…


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