Enjoyble Antenatal Class

Last Sunday’s antenatal class was fun! We had hands-on practice on baby dolls (yes, I know it’s ironic), from changing the diaper to bathing the baby.

Didn’t know that caring for a baby would be that troublesome and tedious, not that I was living in the clouds before. I guess I didn’t know to expect so much.

Anyway, it was really fun and I think Hubby and I made very good students, for we were (at least I was for most of the lesson, think Hubby wandered off mentally) attentive and on task, and could catch on what the instructor said pretty quickly.

After the lesson, Hubby praised me for being a fast learner, and for someone who seldom gets praises, I was pretty puffed up and feeling important. Finally! I have concrete proof that I do pick up things rather quickly. At least, someone noticed and that was a boost to my self-esteem…


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