Being Pregnant is Exhausting

So so tired today. Lower back aching, sending sharp needles through my bones every time I move around.

Ran an errand yesterday and it was really exhuasting. Had to figure out how to reach the unfamiliar place though it was near our home. Then I couldn’t find the lift to the building and ended up climbing stairs to reach the 3rd floor.

The man at the company I was looking for was very nice to me, seeing that I was looking really pregnant and out of breath. He motioned me to rest on the sofa while he repaired our dehumidifier and after that even walked me to the obscure lift at the other building so that I need not walk down 3 floors. Guess being pregnant has some advantages, when you meet nice people who empathise with your condition.

By the time I got home at night after dinner, I was like a walking zombie, dragging my feet about, wincing at every step because of the pain in my lower back.

I felt so down when I went to bed that I started doubting I can continue with the pain much further, that my unborn kid has the misfortune of being inside this weak mummy… sigh… why is it only Thursday…


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