Wonderful Birthday Present

My Birthday Present 2007Never thought I’d be getting any birthday presents from Hubby this year, since my previous request of a new pendant and necklace was rejected. Reason hubby cited was that our baby might pull at it when he’s born.

I was disappointed of course. Have been wearing the same necklace my mum gave me for 6 years, and I thought it was time for a change at last. Furthermore I’m not a jewellery kind of person, with only a necklace and my engagement ring as my constant companions.

So I kinda put it out of my mind (yeah, right) about receiving any birthday present this year.

Yesterday, when I reached home, breathless and aching all over, Hubby brandished a little jewellery box from behind his back. I was over the moon, having decided before opening that I’d love whatever is nestled in that box.

I was spot on. It was a simple yet beautiful pendant with a necklace! Hubby sure knows me well, because that would be something I would choose for myself had I been at the shop.

Words kinda escape me now, because words do not do justice of how I feel about my surprise birthday present. Really love it, and am proudly wearing it now…



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