Lost in the East

Ended up in the East for lunch with colleagues yesterday. Met up with Hubby who passed me the car key and gave me directions to go home from there.

As a stereotypical female, I was first lost in his “turn left, keep right, turn left blah blah blah” directions. Then when I was really on the road, I soon got lost again.

Round and round I went, venturing nervously as all the roads were so unfamiliar. Well these roads were not supposed to be unfamiliar since Hubby haa driven us through on several occasions. But I never ever pay attention cos I usually notice outstanding landmarks or just space out and enjoy being driven around.

Anyway, after much detour, I made it back home safely. But was a little annoyed and saddened by Hubby’s seemingly unconcerned attitude that his wife got lost. He seemed more concerned with the ERP pricing at the time I had to pass through the gantry unfortunately because of my detour.

Sigh, though I knew later that he was glad I got home safely, I wished he could have shown more outward reassurance so that I would not have felt so useless for losing my way when it should have been so darn easy to get home.

Maybe I’m that useless afterall… Whatever…



  1. Abby

    Aiyah, why you feel that way? Look at me, I drive around everyday yet I get lost everytime I try to go to your place even though you give me nice detailed directions each time.

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