So Sad, So Silly

Yesterday evening was tough. Unfortunately caught in the middle between stubborn parents and stubborn Hubby.

It started because of dinner. Parents were concerned their precious son-in-law was going without dinner, I protesting (too weakly) that Hubby should be left alone. They started packing dinner for him, some delicious fish being the prized dish.

It turned out that by the time Hubby came to fetch me home, he had already eaten dinner. What to do with the packed dinner?

There began the source of our fierce argument. Me insisting that since dinner had already been packed the least that could be done was to finish the fish, no matter how full Hubby or I was. Hubby insisted that it was not his fault that dinner was going to be wasted since he did not want it in the first place.

Unable to control my roller-coaster emotions, tears started to flow freely. The more I cried the sadder I felt about the whole incident.

In the end, the whole dinner was thrown away, my heart aching for the wasted fish the most. More crying when we reached home and by that time I was a sorry mess of tears, mucus and whatever else.

More shouting at each other ensued, until I could not take it anymore. A hug and more tears later, I finally calmed down to a barely audible sob. By this time, my eyes already felt they were to swollen to remain in their small sockets and I felt really terrible. So was my baby; he was squirming and pulsating inside me and I knew I had to stop the nonsense before he became too distressed.

Sigh… why can’t I control my emotions a little better? Could it all be due to the hormones having fun inside me? No more nonsense for some time to come, it’s just too tiring for me…


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