Horrid Lunch

Eeurgh… Just had a horrible lunch.

Well, the food was alright, the colleagues I dated for the lunch were good… Then what was wrong?

It’s the others who joined our table uninvited. We sat at a big round table (mistake no. 1) so that many could sit at the same time.

Then came along Uninvited No. 1. He put down his plate, which was laden with loads of rice, and everything was covered in brownish-orange curry. You could almost hear the plate crying for help, saddled with the extra rice and vegetables. No doubt he’s a MAN and has high metabolic rate and thus can eat alot (I was immediately glad that Hubby eats normal amounts during his meals).

Uninvited No. 1 has another habit: to talk with his mouth full. He managed to get people to notice his presence by participating in all conversations. Loudly. Unconcerned others could hear him miles away. And he was sitting beside me. I was afraid my baby will be distressed.

Uninvited No. 2 came along and sat directly opposite No. 1. Then the see-whose-voice-is-louder competition began. They talked about the weather, the strong but comfortable breeze that has been sweeping across the island, No.1 saying it was too cold, No.2 arguing that it was not.

Then they started comparing bicycles they owned, how No.2 has installed parts illegal and feeling very smug about it.

And it went on and on, geeky wannabes who wanted to out-talk the other while shoving huge spoonfuls of rice into their mouths at the same time. And I found my apetite waning, the food no longer alright, and my legs raring to take me away, to escape from the table.

How glad I am that Hubby is perfectly normal and gentlemanly compared to them. Sigh, if only I was eating with Hubby instead of such, such….


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