Fun Antenatal Class

Yesterday’s antenatal class was… boring. The lecturer went through stuff that was either knowledge to us already, or not applicable. For example, the lecturer explained the use of epidurals at length but I would not be able to use it because of my back problems.

 Hubby was impatient with the other students for asking so much and was totally bored.

Being detached from the lesson, Hubby and I seeked our own entertainment.

There was a period when the lecturer took out a dummy doll attached to what we assumed was a placenta. The placenta look more like a parachute or a cushion. After she explained about [I forgot what], she slammed the doll on the table. Immediately there was a collective “ouch” that echoed through the class, Hubby and I contributing the loudest.

From then on, our attention was turned to the poor doll, whose head was slammed so very often into the pillar or on the table. That brought relief and some private humour to us.

We perked up towards the end of the lesson where we were taught some stretching exercises. Hubby and I were enthusiastic and we followed the actions like all good, obedient students do. Except we added funny actions in between the exercises, and amused ourselves while others were very serious in doing theirs.

The husbands were taught massage techniques to relieve the wives of their aches and pains. I was very proud of Hubby, who knew all that was taught and had been giving me occasional massages exactly as taught. Of course, he has an excellent teacher (ahem, that’s yours truly). Wish I can put batteries in Hubby though, so that he can sustain his massaging for longer periods of time…

People might have perceived us as childish and inattentive last night that these 2 parents-to-be, whose summative age is enough to withdraw CPF savings in our country, were monkeying around in our confined area. But that’s just us. We are always looking out for opportunities to have fun, and to laugh ourselves silly.

Pity our kid when he’s born, for lots of embarassment may be in store for him. Hey, but isn’t there a saying, “if you can’t beat them, join them?” Daddy and Mummy are waiting for you, kid…


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